Energy & Immunity Booster

Stress induced Fatigue is a very common problem in women.Lubdha contains Asparagus Racemosus ,Withania Somnifera , Ocium Sanctum and  Tinospora Cordifolia .All the ingredients of Lubdha help as Energy boosters.
fiveingLubdha &  ATP : Energy  currency  of the body :

As shown in a study published in  PLOS ONE | www.plosone.org 1 October 2014 | Volume 9 | Issue 10 |  e105311 Withania Somnifera   (Lubdha Contains Withania Somnifera) has been shown to  increase

ATP ( Adenosine Tri – Phosphate ) Energy  currency  of the body in an animal study.

ATP is the high energy molecule  that stores the energy for every activity that is done by us.


Lubdha and Hemoglobin ( Hb )  :  ( Oxygen Carrying Capacity )

Red Blood Cells are the cells in our body which contain Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin (Hb) is the Oxygen Carrying Protein in our body. Hemoglobin carries oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen is required to generate energy and makeheart us Active. In a Clinical trial published in  Ayu. 2014  Jan-Mar; 35 (1): 46 – 49 Evaluation of antioxidant potential of Rasayanadrugs in healthy human volunteers ,By authors Vaishali V. Kuchewar, Mangal A. Borkar,and Milind A. Nisargandha Withania Somnifera (Lubdha contains Withania Somnifera ) increased Hemoglobin , MCV , MCH , MCHC and Antioxidant enzymes.Tinospora Cordifolia(  Lubdha  Contains Tinospora Cordifolia ) also increased Antioxidant enzymes.

The study concludes Withania Somnifera and Tinospora Cordifolia may be very helpful to maintain healthy body and mind in today’s environmental condition and life style. Both appear to be safe for young adults when given for mentioned dosage and duration.

Lubdhaand  MCV : ( Mean Corpuscular Volume ) 

MCV ( Mean Corpuscular Volume ) is the volume of Red Blood cells. Higher the volume of RBC , higher is the oxygen  carrying capacity and higher the stamina. In this  Clinical trial published in  Ayu. 2014  Jan-Mar; 35 (1): 46–49, Withania Somnifera(Lubdha contains Withania Somnifera) increased  MCV.

Lubdha and MCH ( Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin )

MCH is the Hemoglobin content in Red Blood  Cells. Higher the Hemoglobin , higher the oxygen  carrying capacity and higher the stamina. In  this Clinical trial published in  Ayu. 2014  Jan-Mar; 35 (1): 46 – 49 Withania Somnifera( Lubdha contains Withania Somnifera ) increased MCH.

Lubdha and MCHC  (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration ) :

This is the concentration of Hemoglobin in Red Blood cells or simply how densely distributed the Hemoglobin  in RBCs is. Higher the MCHC , higher is oxygen carrying capacity and higher the stamina. In this  Clinical trial published in  Ayu. 2014  Jan-Mar; 35 (1): 46 – 49 Withania Somnifera helped to increase MCHC.

Lubdha and VO 2 Max( VO 2 max simply  means Stamina ) :

Another study published in International  Journal of Behavioural Social and Movement Vol.02,July2013,Issue03  authored by Dr. Arvind Malik 2Vikas Mehta 3 Vishal Dahiya showed that in young hockey players ,

A significant improvement in the VO2 Max (Maximum oxygen consumption) and hemoglobin (Oxygen Carrying Capacity )  in Withania Somnifera ( Lubdha contains Withania Somnifera)  group was found.

The Conclusion  of the study is :

Supplementation of Withania Somnifera (Lubdha Contains Withania Somnifera)  improved  VO 2 max and hemoglobin concentration in young hockey players. Though there are many factors that could contribute to the increase in the maximal oxygen consumption, an increase in the count of RBCs and Hemoglobin could have played a role; The increase in RBC mass leads to an increase in the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen directly to the exercising muscles, thereby enhancing the aerobic capacity. Whereas not any significant change in pre- test and post- test values of  VO2max and Hemoglobin  was observed in the placebo ( Control) group. Placebo is a substance which does not have any effect on the body. Maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) is considered by many as the most valid measure of cardio respiratory fitness (Jones et al., 1985; Zamuneret al., 2011). VO2 Max  is“the highest rate of oxygen consumption attainable during maximal or exhaustive exercise” The name is derived from V , O2 , max – Maximum. It is a combination of how much oxygen rich blood your heart can pump  and the muscle`s efficiency in extracting and utilizing the oxygen. It is generally considered the best indicator of cardio respiratory endurance and aerobic fitness.

VO2 max decreases with age.

The average rate of decline is generally accepted to be about 1% per year or 10% per decade after the age of 25. One large cross sectional study found the average decrease was 0.46 ml/kg/min per year in men (1.2%) and 0.54 ml/kg/min in women (1.7%)

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