Aphrodisiac, May Help To Increase Breast Size

aproStress induced, reduced sex desire is a problem in many women. The reasons could be stress, improper diet , junk food, wrong lifestyle etc.

Lubdha and Sexual Health : Sexual function, harmony in marital life  is a part of healthy life. Positive sexual experiences with spouse enhance the quality of life ;  hence sexual health  is very important in normal life. There has been a lot of ignorance, wrong information, fear and negative attitude about same ; hence proper education about sexual factors is important.

Stress is  an important factor for sexual dysfuntion :

Today`s Stressful lifestyle can lead to sexual dysfuntion. Excessive use of spicy , oily , acidic and salty food can also lead to sexual dysfuntion. Stress is associated with increase in cortisol in the blood, which in turn is associated with gonadal and sexual dysfunction

Stress induced sexual dysfuntion can result in

1.Reduced sexual desire

2.Dryness in vagina

3.Reduced arousal

4.Pain during intercourse

apro2Withania Somnifera( Lubdha contains Withania Somnifera ) reduces serum cortisol level, as has been reported in various clinical studies.

Lubdha contains Asparagus Racemosus , Withania Somnifera , Ocium Sanctum and  Tinospora Cordifolia . Asparagus Racemosus , Withania Somnifera  and Tinospora Cordifolia may  help to protect Sexual health and tonic.

Sexual function was assessed using two psychometric scales:

1.The Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) Sex Desire , Arousal for sex , Vaginal Lubrication, Orgasms, Sexual Satisfaction, Pain during intercourse.

2.Female Sexual Distress Scale (FSDS)

3.Sexual Activity Record (SAR) Encounter frequency of “sexual events”  ,Successful and satisfactory sexual events.

4.Patient’s Global Assessment of Response to Therapy (PGART).

5.Patient`s Global Assessment of Tolerability to Therapy (PGATT).

Results : The analysis indicates that Withania Somnifera caused significantly higher improvement, relative to placebo, in FSFI domain score for “arousal” “lubrication” “orgasm” and “satisfaction”and also FSDS score and the number of successful sexual encounters

Conclusions : This study demonstrated that oral administration of Withania Somnifera may improve sexual function in healthy women.