Antiaging studies

Stress is an important factor which makes aging changes appear faster. Asparagus Racemosus ,  Withania Somnifera , Tinospora Cordifolia and Ocium Sanctum (Lubdha contains all above) help to decrease stress and are adptogens. Thus they help in your joureny to look beautiful and brilliant.

anti2There are various theories of aging :

  1. ROS ( Reactive Oxygen species ) : Oxidative stress
  2. Mitichondrial ROS ( Reactive Oxygen species )
  3. AGE : Advanced Glycated End products
  4. Shortening of telomeric DNA

Studies suggest that Lubdha Ingredients  (Asparagus Racemosus , Withania Somnifera , Tinospora Cordifolia and Ocium Sanctum ) act on some of  above. Thus they may help as antiaging agents.

Withania somnifera root extract enhances Telomerase Activity in the Human HeLa Cell Line Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 2016, 7, 199-204 Shortening of telomeric DNA, is supposed to be a factor in  aging process, and in  the healthy lifespan . As studied in above study , Telomerase, a ribonucleoprotein having reverse transcriptase activity, arrests telomere loss. The telomere/telomerase maintenance is an inevitable necessity to delay aging and for a healthy lifespan. Withania Somnifera ,  showed an increase in telomerase activity Thus, Withania Somnifera has the anti-aging inducing potential. Enhancing telomerase activity could be  one way to delay aging. This study concludes  Withania Somnifera is able to enhance telomerase activity in the HeLa cell line.

antiWithania Somnifera extends lifespan of Caenorhabditis Elegans. ANNALS OF NEUROSCIENCES VOLUME 20 NUMBER 1 JANUARY 2013 Withania Somnifera for lifespan extension in the well established model system, C. elegans. Withania Somnifera could extend the lifespan of C. elegans.  showed around ~20% lifespan extension / The study concludes ,Thus, we are able to show that one of the age old healthy longlife supplements, Withania Somnifera does extend lifespan of C. elegans.