About Us

Ganadhyaksha Corporation is a first generation entrepreneur Company founded in 2012 , headquartered in Mumbai. The mission statement of Ganadhyaksha Corporation is summarized in just 3 words

People`s Dreams First.

Many a times it is seen that an employee works for organization /s for his lifetime and in the end realizes that the organizational goals were achieved but the dreams of the employee were left behind.Hence the mission of Ganadhyaksha Corporation is to help people realize their dreams by growing together. Ganadhyaksha Corporation strongly believes that every person has the capability of realizing his/ her dream by making efforts howsoever big the dream is.Every person in Ganadhyaksha Corporation is a Ganapreneur. Ganapreneur is an entrepreneur in Ganadhyaksha Corporation who is pursuing his/ her dreams.The role of Ganadhyaksha Corporation is to help the Ganapreneur in this endeavor.

The Company is currently in Pharmaceutical Business and has launched unique products to cater to the needs of doctors and laypeople. There are many need gaps in current Health sector (Disease management) Managing Director of the company is a MD (Physician) and has an extensive experience in Health Sector.
B2W India`s only Antirhinoviral Cough and Cold Syrup was launched in 2014 and has strengthened the armamentarium of the doctor fraternity in Cough and Cold management.

Antirhinoviral property ensures that the root cause of Cough & Cold is eradicated. Moreover, with currently available cough and cold syrups, sedation is a major side effect. B2W keeps the patient alert. Many patients who had long standing COPD and were not responding to conventional cough and cold therapy haven been offered quick relief with B2W as per feedback from doctors who have used B2W.

Lubdha is another unique product of Ganadhyaksha Corporation for Women.Lubdha combines the 4 best Health Protectives and is an excellent tonic for women. Lubdha helps increase energy, reduce stress , enhance skin glow , is an excellent nerve tonic , helps increase memory & normalize reproductive functions.
Lubdha has a unique attractive packaging.

In future Ganadhyaksha Corporation wishes to strengthen its presence in Pharmaceuticals and enter in IT , Communication , FMCG , Healthy Food . http//www.mydreambaby.in is a website launched for helping couples desiring to have a dream baby and create a healthy generation.

Academic Qualifications

Qualification Branch University / Board Year of passing
M. D. Dravyaguna Vigyan University of Mumbai May 1998
B. A. M. S. Ayurveda University of Bombay March 1993
Diploma in Information Technology Information Technology Advanced Computing Training School , Pune October 2000
Diploma in Export Management Export Management Small Industries Service Institute , Mumbai December 2000
Reorientation training programme Pharmacognosy & Herbarium Techniques National Research Institute of Basic Ayurvedic Sciences , Pune Feb 2010
Research Methodology Basic Research M.U.H.S. / MET , Pune Feb 2013
Training Technology Teaching Methods & Research National Institute of Health & Family Welfare , New Delhi March 2013

Professional Experience

  • Honarary Associate Professor for Ayurved Dravyaguna Vigyan at M.U.H.S. (Maharashtra Universtity of Health Sciences), from December 2008 to March 2015
  • Former Honorary Ayurvedic Physician at Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. [Government of India undertaking] Chembur , Mumbai


  • 26th December, 2013 : Honoured with the prestigious ‘ V. M. Gogate Award ‘ by Khadiwale Research Foundation, Pune for special contribution in the field of Research on Herbal Medicinal Plants

Unique Products by Ganadhyaksha Corporation in Mumbai

  • October 2014 : B2W, a unique Antirhinoviral Cough & Cold Syrup, launched for the first time in India.
  • April 2016 : Lubdha Tablets, a unique combination of four finest Woman Health Protectives, launched for the first time in India.

International Publication

  • o August 2012 : www.mydreambaby.in
    A unique informative and interactive website, for a healthy mother and a healthy baby, based on the principles of Ayurved. The website elucidates the ‘Garbhakranti Concept’ that couples can act on modifiable factors before conception and during pregnancy to get a healthy baby.

Research paper submitted to University of Mumbai

  • Feb 1998 : A dissertation entitled ‘A Comparative Study of Sarpagandha Roots [Rauwolfia Serpentina-Benth] available in the market’ submitted for the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

Faculty and Editor

  • Dec 2012 : Appointed as an expert in Development of Child Psychology at Utkarsh Mandir School, Malad, Mumbai
  • Oct 2001 : Co-editor of Aarogyayatri – Ayurved Deepavali Visheshank
  • 1997-1998 : Faculty for lectures on various Ayurvedic topics for Extramural Studies, University of Mumbai
  • 1995-1998 : Faculty for Lecturer on ‘Yoga and Ayurveda Prarambhik, Pragat and Abhyangmardan Tantradnya Padavika’ affiliated with Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune at Sion Mumbai
  • Honoured by Arkashala, Satara, for contributing to its progress in Ayurveda

Clinical trials

  • Participated in clinical trial to assess the therapeutic potential of liquid Prospan [a cough formula]; a product of USV Ltd., Mumbai.

Lectures and Workshops

Date Topic Organisation Venue
24th March, 2012 Corporate Wellness: Role of Ayurveda Panasonic India Andheri, Mumbai
25th April, 2010 Diabetes, Diet and Yoga Palghar Medical Association Palghar, Thane
7th February, 2003 Aromatic and Medicinal Plants BMC, Mumbai 8th Exhibition & workshop on plants & flowers Jijamata Vir Udyan, Mumbai
8th March, 2001 Ayurved in Modern Era Johnson and Johnson Mulund, Mumbai
9th November, 1997 Relevance of Herbal Medicines in the 21st Century Vibha Natural Products Ltd. Margaon, Goa
23rd to 25th October, 1996 A Comparative study of various drugs used in Ayurvedic Panchakarma National Workshop on Panchakarma sponsored by UGC , Govt of India Nagpur

Medical check-up Camps & Lectures

Date Topic Organisation
27th March, 2016 Diabetes Keshavsrushti Vanaushadhi and BMC, Borivali
7th February, 2016 Joint Pain and Arthritis Ayurdeep Trust, Kandivli, Mumbai
2nd September, 2012 Backache management with Yoga Colgate Palmolive India Ltd.,Mumbai
25th September, 2011 Early degenerative changes of Hair, Skin, Bone Colgate Palmolive India Ltd., Mumbai
8th August, 2010 Lifestyle Management Colgate Palmolive India Ltd., Mumbai
2nd November, 2008 Blood Donation Camp Malad (East), Mumbai Supported by Lokmanya Tisa Blood Bank, Thane
26th January, 2007 Sandhigatvat – Arthritis Sakhargaon, Rajapur Dist, Ratnagiri Supported by Gufic company
3rd April, 2005 Ayurvedic Chikitsa Shibir Sanyukta Navi Chawl Utsava Samiti, Lower Parel, Mumbai
6th January, 2005 Diabetes Shivsena Shakha No 50, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Supported by Himalaya Drug Co Ltd.
28th March, 2004 Sandhigatvat Chikitsa Shibir -Arthritis Shri Gajanan Sai Mandir Trust, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Supported by Dhutpapeshwar Co. Ltd.
3rd April, 1999 Diabetes Medicine Shoppe Andheri, Mumbai
4th December, 1998 Skin Diseases with demonstration of Jalukavacharan Sindhudurga Vanoushadhi Sanstha, Kankavali
19th January, 1999 General Medical Camp and Medicinal plants exhibition Sanyukta Navi Chawl Utsav Samiti, Lower Parel, Mumbai

All India Radio, Mumbai

  • 1st January, 1998 : Interviewed on Health and Diet of Youth .

Aarogya Sanjeevani Programme at various schools for students, parents and teachers

Utkarsha Mandir School, Malad, Mumbai

Date Topic For

17th to 21st August, 2015 Health check-up and Health guidance Students, parents and teachers
17th November, 2014 Maintenance of Self-hygiene Students
30th July to 28th Sept 2013 Health check-up and workshop on preventive measures Students and parents
13th & 17th April 2013 Personality development and relevance of diet Students
21st July 2012 Diet , exams and performance of students Parents
22nd March 2012 Cleanliness and hygiene in student’s life Parents
14th November, 2008 Relationship of diet & concentration while studying – an Ayurvedic perspective Students
16th October, 2008 Control of diabetes with diet & lifestyle Ayurvedic view Parents and teachers
2nd February, 2008 Tumhich Tumchya Aarogyache Shilpakar Students
16th, 25th & 26th January, 2008 Joint disorders – Ayurvedic treatment and guidance on prevention Parents and teachers

Madhavrao Bhagwat Highschool, Vileparle, Mumbai

  • 17th July 2013 : Workshop for students on ‘Scientific Outlook of Good Health’

Maharani Saibai Vidyamandir, Malad, Mumbai

  • 29th Jan 2011: Workshop for support staff on ‘First Aid in School’

Articles Written

Date Topic Magazine Name

October 2001 Twacharog Ek Chintan Aarogyayatri Dipawali Visheshank
October 2001 Nakshatra Aani Ayurved Aarogyayatri Dipawali Visheshank
December 1997 Chikitsakakla Bhramishta Karnanara Ek Naad Sinhnad Ayurved Patrika Nasik Seva Sangh
November 1996 Ashwagandha Mool ,Ek Adhyayan Akhil Bhartiya Mahasammelan Patrika
November 1996 Aushadhi Dravya Aani Rakta Dhatu Ayurved Patrika , Nasik Seva Sangh
1996 Ayurved Ek Jeevan Padhhati Tarun Bharat Ayurved Ayurved Visheshank
May 1996 Ek Na Umagnare Hruday Ayurved Patrika
Oct 1995 Paryayaha Madhujeevan , Mumbai

Articles written in newspaper Samna Fulora column

Date Topic Article Name

8th Sept, 2001 Asthma Damavnara Dama
11th August, 2001 Heart Disease Hrudayspandan-IV
4th August, 2001 Heart Disease Hrudayspandan-III
28th July, 2001 Heart Disease Hrudayspandan-II
14th July 2001 Heart Disease Hrudayspandan-I
23rd June 2001 Medicinal Plants Ayurved , Berojgarana Vardan
16th June 2001 Ayurved is Lifestyle Ayurved Ek Jeevan Padhhati
19th May, 2001 Water Yala Jeevan Aise Naav
12th May, 2001 Summer Heat Unhala Unhala, Tabyet Sambhala
5th May, 2001 Knee Joint Pain Doctor, Maza Gudgha Dukhato

Personal details

D.O.B. : 16th October, 1968

D.O.B. : MCIM , I – 24986 – A – 1 , 29 April 1993

Clinic :

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management Centre

106, Mauli Classic, Pushpa Park,

Malad (East), Mumbai – 400097.

Mobile : 9869403841

E-mail : drsanjaytalgaonkar@gmail.com

Websites :




Residential Address :

1204 – Tower A – Shree Vallabh Yog, Pushpa Park,

Daftari Road, Malad [East], Mumbai – 400097.

Telephone : 022 – 28803841.