May help as Nerve Tonic Energy & Immunity Booster Immunity Protective &Tonic Supports Stress Relief Sexual Health Protective & Tonic

May help as Nerve Tonic

Lubdha could help as a nerve tonic and nerve health protective. Our nervous system contains brain and nerves .

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Energy & Immunity Booster

Stress induced Fatigue is a very common problem in women. Lubdhacontains Asparagus Racemosus ,WithaniaSomnifera , Ocium Sanctum and TinosporaCordifolia .

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Immunity Protective &Tonic

Immunity is the ability of body to fight back !! Our body gets attacked by bacteria, viruses, pollutants and other agents of disease. Immunity helps us to remain healthy by fighting them .

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Supports Stress Relief

Many things in our daily life cause stress. The hurried lifestyle , work tensions , Balancing work and family , traffic all cause chronic stress.

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Sexual Health Protective & Tonic

Stress induced reduced sex desire is a problem in many women. The reasons could bestress , improper diet , junk food , wrong lifestyle etc.

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Reproductive health tonic

For a woman , it is very important to have  healthy  reproductive system. Many girls have pain during  periods which is not due to…

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Bone Health studies

Bones are the framework of body and strong bones are a must for being active. Bone changes constantly. Bit of Old bone is removed…

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Antiaging studies

Stress is an important factor which makes aging changes appear faster. Asparagus Racemosus ,  Withania Somnifera , Tinospora Cordifolia and Ocium Sanctum (Lubdha contains…

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Welcome to Lubdha

welcomebottleTo Celebrate Life, Every Woman desires to be Beautiful & Brilliant !!


Every Woman desires to be Beautiful & Brilliant !! To be Beautiful & Brilliant , you need to have a Healthy body & mind. Ganadhyaksha Corporation India Introduces , Lubdha Tablets just for you. Lubdha Tablets is a Unique combination of 4 Finest Woman Health Protectives formulated with a special technique by experts in this field. What`s more , you will just love the unique feminine shaped Golden pack of Lubdha Tablets !


It`s a 15 days pack for standard dose of 2 tablets twice a day. Just start and end everyday with 2 tablets of Lubdha.


Lubdha Tablets is a Unique Health Protective and Tonic exclusively for women.The 4 ingredients of Lubdha tablets are well studied and proven to offer Health protection & support as a tonic.